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tv   Early Start  CNN  June 17, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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♪ z. too hot to handle. the colorado fires, the worst the state has ever seen spreading still this morning. firefighters in an all night battle. a new bombshell with 'ew accusations. spying on world leaders. we'll tell you the alleged targets. (ushed to the brink. now the miami heat, one loss away from a huge upset. could they really blow it? welcome to a special, efficient start. ài'm john berman.
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>> i'm christine romans. let's begin with the firefighters making a slow, but steady progress against the most destructive fr)e ever. some return home this morni'g. for dozens others, it's too dangerous. d8it's burned through 16,000 acres. nearly 500 homes are and blamed for two deaths. some homes are still in the line of fire, but people are counting their blessings. >> you think of everything you have had in the house for -- >> 34 years. today -- >> happy anniversary. >> they spent their 34th wedding anniversary in a hotel room, taking inventory for insurance (urposes. they were joined by their son, daughter-in-law and 10-day-old
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grandchild. >> the fire uu up the side of the garage and ran the eve line. it was seriously an inferno. >> reporter: he fears it burned an american flag that belonged to his father. >> all the other stuff means nothing. that's what we bought insurance for. >> karen hopes it did not melt down a weather vain from her family farm. >> he followed us wherever we went. if there's one thing, i would like that. >> reporter: the entire family is celebrating because the house where their son and his wife live was spared from the flames, barely. they are evacuees, along with visiting brother craig and staying in a nearby room. on a wedding anniversary, a father's day, a new baby. >> when i'm feeling down, i have to hold him.
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back up there. >> already, talking about him alleviates my stress. >> reporter: three generations in colorado springs. >> welcome to the world, emmitt. >> andrea is tracking the conditions for us. >> right now, every little bit they are getting is helping. they are seeing some of the coming in. itis very easy to see. we are seeing a lot of moisture coming in. this is what we are continuing to see over the weekend. we had 0% containment to now. in the morning hours, they are seeing a little bit of recovery, 40% of humidity right now. that is a good number. through the afternoon, things dry up. they are not in the teens or single digits. we get another day or so with thunderstorms and rain. by midweek, the threat for more
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in the northeast, more rain, they continue to have more rain. the numbers are five to seven inches abjut normal. rain is the story across much of the country into the southeast. the cold front looks like more rain for them as well. >> i thought we were done? thank you so much. new ease dropping accusations rocking the world. how about inviting all the world leaders over to talk and then spying on them. the guardian newspaper reporting british spies of the g-20 summit in london, they set up fake internet cafes. the u.s. was trying to listen in on world leaders as well, including the russian president. edward snowden reported this.
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>> politicians are jumping to the defense of the p.r.i.s.m. program. dana bash has that. >> a press to calm american concerns abtd secret surveillance concerns led by the republican intelligence chairman. >> the number of cases where we have stopped a plot, i think americans will come to a different conclusion that the misleading rhetoric i have heard. >> reporter: intelligence agencies are working to declassify information about the terror plots that told congress the secret programs helped to drop. over the weekend, the government unveiled this document claiming phone data helped prevent terror plots in the homeland and 20 countries around the world. supporters of the programs are trying to beat back suggestions
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the government is listening in on calls in the u.s. >> it's against the law for the nsa to record and monitor american's phone calls. >> reporter: another supporter, dick cheney agrees on this. the gop vice president on the day of 9/ll says these programs could have prevent thad attack. >> i ask everybody to pause and not automatically fold the nsa in on other stuff going o' in the obama administration. it's done great work and saved lives. >> reporter: some democrats are not giving up. >> i don't think collecting d8millions and millions of americans phone calls, now this is the meta data, time, place and who you direct the calls is making us any safer. president obama and the first family arriving in northern ireland for the g-8
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summit. security and foreign policy. the president, right now, this is his arrival event, his speech. he's listening closely, the situation in syria is front and center for the president and world leaders. the first meeting is with vladimir putin. i wonder if he'll ask about the super bowl ring. michelle obama is also there separate from the president. she's attend a special performance of river dance and meet with u.s. embassy staff. they will travel to germany when d8it ends. five men set to appear. 9/11 master mind and four other men who helped organize and spin the attacks are asking their charges be released. they say it's invalid.
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the president is set to name cliff loan to oversea the closing of that. jury selection is entering the second week of florida neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. he's charged in the shooting of trayvon martin. they hope a jury will be selected by the end of the week. 29 jurors passed the initial screening. at least 75 dismissed. a deadly weekend in chicago. 41 people were shot, seven killed in separate incidents across the city. chicago police department insisting it's not a sign the crime fighting strategies are not working. homicide rates are down. last year, more than 50 people shot and nine died over a similar weekend, if you can believe that. he was considered the only moderate candidate in iran's election. the surprise victory has
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he won the election decidedly gets more than 50% of the vote and avoiding a run off. it was a victory for wisdom, moderation and maturity. an about face in north korea saying let's tp&k. the obama administration says they are open to talks only if north korea will comply with u.n. resolutions and live up to their obligations. they will judge north korea by actions, not words. san antonio one win away from a title. 114-104 in game five of the series. the star last night was ginobili. starting for the first time in all season. he scored 24 points.
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this. he says no way. they went on a 19-1 run. if they can close out the heat tomorrow night, game six back in miami. one thing. fathers day this weekend, my son gave me a tie and i told him i would wear it. >> your children are children of the '70s. >> he said daddy, i know you like checks. so he gave me this with the checks on it. >> so sweet. adorable. >> coming up, a super bowl scandal involving the kremlin. did he steal a super bowl ring? really? a woman searching for her birth father finds him 24 years later, so close, in the most unexpected of places. cou&d it have been fate? [ female announcer ] there's one thing
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turning to turkey and the protest that is have that country on edge. there were violent clashes between police and protesters in several cities as the prime minister tried to rally supporters. istanbul. what is the latest, carl? >> caller: we know over the weekend, the protesters were driven out of the park by water cannons and tear gas. my fear was that once that happened, this protest may resolve in some way and be fragmented. it seems that the ripple effect is now going on. the protesters head back to their own neighborhoods of istanbul. protests.launching neighborhood right now, the middle class and neighbors ripped up paving slabs
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for street republican novatioñ and set up huge barricades to prevent police from coming through. that was the stage ground $ere and also in other parts of istanbul that seems there is still fight in this protest. the protesters aren't giving up. of course, the list of demands has grown. itis gone beyond saving trees and saving a shopping mall being built. the demands now include the prime minister to climb down and not mix religion with politics and get back the rule. right now, protests are dying down. >> thank you carl. 15 minutes after the hour. confessed hitman expected to take the stand for whitey bulger.
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he's accused of killing 19 people, corruption and racquet tiering. he was the triggq) man killing ten of the 19 victims. the jury heard from the pair of ex-bookies saying they were shook down for thousand a month. rutger's new athletic director starts today with a cloud over her employment. herma hermann faced abuse allegations% by former players at the university of tennessee. rutgers is standing behind her. her past experiences will make for a woman and her father reunited after 24 years. she was put up for adoption shortly after birth. she's been volunteering at the rescue mission. he was volunteering there, too.
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neither one knew it. >> incredible to see both of us in the same place so comfortable and sofa mill yar. >> when you think about fathers father and how he blessed me to be a father. it's made my family complete. >> they spent sunday as their first father's day together in more than two decades. vladimir putin is caught in a scandal. we explain. >reporter: it was a theft heard around the world. or was it? the real story a mystery. did vladimir putin steal a super ring from patriot? d8>> i'm humbled by this honor. >> reporter: this is kraft accepting the medal of excellence and bringing the
5:18 am
story that first surfaced in 2005. it'j when kraft met with putin. he showed him the diamond encrusted super bowl ring engraved with his name on it when putin said, quote, i can kill someone with this ring. ou in his pocket and three kgb guys got around him and walked out. so putin swiped it? not according to one aid. in a statement, the spokesman said i was there when it happened. wha weird. i was standing 20 centimeters kraft gave this ring as a gift. according to the new yo)k post, which first broke the story, kraft said that white house officials urged him to say it u(j a gift. in the interest of u.s./soviet
5:19 am
relatio relations. in a statement, kraft said the same. a spokesman now adds, it's a humorous anecdotal story robert retells for laughs. he loves that his ring is t$ere. as he stated in 2005, he continues to have great respect for russia and the leadership or president putin. it didn't answer the lingering question of whether the ring was a gift or a lift. 2005 was the bush administration. on sunday, we caught up with former vice president, dick cheney. >i don't know anything about it. i just heard a brief blurb on it this morning. >> the ring is on display at the library. kraft continues to dodge the question of which version of the story is true, was it a gr#t or did putin take it? putin has a news conference with david cameron. there were many questions about syria, not a single one about the super bowl ring.
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the mystery continues. cnn, new york. >> the president meets with putin today. maybe it will come up as part of their negotiations. >> or maybe not. apple helping the feds satisfy on you. how muc$ the computer giant has given to the u.s. government. we have the answer. , he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at
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that is like a velvety picture but it's real. it's real new york city. it's not a painting. >> it looks beautiful. no dogs playing poker or nothing. it's a beautiful sunrise. welcome back to "early start." happy monday. investors gearing up for a meeting this week. concern art the meeting had a lot to do with the volatility we have seen. the dow, nasdaq fell 1% each last week. the dow has been down three of the past four weeks. it looks like it will be up this morning. apple received 5,000 requests from law enforcement over a six month period. thq most common was from police investigating robberies and other crimes. apple plays a priority in collecting personal data and we don't collect a mountain of details in the first place.
5:25 am
conversations over face time and imessage are protected. jay-z's new album could go public. samsung bought 1 million copies of the "holy grail" album. it's releasing it three days before the public release. it's free for galaxy users because they bought it. jay-z could have $5 million in sales before the album is out. it could help in the ongoing battle with apple for market share. >> crazy. >> it's an interesting marketing move. it's like the new world. itxused to be movies tied up. now your phones -- it's uz seeing. >> jay-z is a big star, but not as big as barry manilow, who turns 70 today. coming up, world leaders
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world leaders meet this morning with brand-new accusations of international intrigue. spying on your allies? the nazi next door. arrested after 70 years, what
5:30 am
the 94-year-old suspect and his family are saying now. a new miss usa has been crowned. the beauty who took that crown. welcome back to "early start" i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. new allegations of the man who leak sod many details of the wiretapping program. during the 2009 g-20 summit in london, the british and u.s. government were monitoring details. jessica is in ireland where the latest accusations, i imagine, have to be causing quite a stir, jessica? >> reporter: hi, john, good the latest revelations will this afternoon. "the guardian" alleged classified documents show the u.s. tried to intercept then
5:31 am
russian president's phone calls at the 2009 g-20 summit. president obama is set to meet russia's current president this afternoon. they will discuss topics from syria to afghanistan and the fight against terrorism. the latest allegations are not going to warm the mood in the room. putin already said earlier this week in russia, it's done in the framework of the law in the u.s. here, the u.s. says all surveillance is done legally as well. clearly some tension there. in another sense, "the guardian" article could share blame for u.s. spying. it alleged in the 2009 summit, the british set up internet c e cafes to download their passwords for future use. the president can argue the u.s. is not alone.
5:32 am
british intelligence is not commenting. they say all the reports are irresponsible, agreagreenlgous will ensure maximum discomfort today. >> indeed. jessica in ireland this morning, where i have to believe the revelations are going to create quite a mood. optimism on the fire lines in colorado. the black forest fire, the most destructive in the state's history is now 65% contained. some evacuees are being allowed to return to their homes. itis still not safe for thousands of others. winds could stir up hot spots. ift's 60% contained. it can burn throug$ thousands of acres. it's blamed for two deaths. we are tracking the weather this morning. >> the humidity is up, the winds
5:33 am
are down. it could change by midweek. notice the relative humidity, 40%. you don't have the beating sun on you. you get the recovery. in the afternoon, the numbers fall. not as low as last week. they are not going down into single digits. numbers are looking better. the northeast, rain, one to two inches where we had rain in the forecast. there we go. now they are ñack. colorado springs, here is the forecast, 80% chance of showers. tuesday, 78 degrees as well. tuesday and wednesday, high pressure building in and temperatures warming up there 30% chance in the tropics to see circu&ation develop. this is down by the yucatan peninsula. we are looking at the development. either way, a chance for heavy rain and wind for them. good news, not looking for threats of hurricanes right now. >> thanks. the family of a minnesota
5:34 am
sp' rushing to his defense over accusations he was a nazi commander during world war ii. >> records do not show that karkos had a direct hand in war crimes, end quote. that's the god's honest truth. my father was never a nazi. >> the associated press says the 94-year-old was a commander of the self-defense legion a group accused of atrocities leaving dozens dead. when he came to the u.s., he said he was a carpenter who performed military service. he's now among those demanding an investigation. a man walked into a st. james church north of salt lake city during mass. àhe fired one shot into the bac ofñanother man's head. the injured man is recovering in the hospital. no official word on the connection.
5:35 am
the parishioners say the victim was the gunman's father-in-law. the chicptz hospital is under investigation for trying to fraud medicare and medicate for unnecessary throat surgery. they are asking why they performed so many tracheotomies to open a hole in the windpipe. patients left sedated sz they could not breathe on their own. authorities in two states are looking for young children. first in toledo, ohio. hundreds searched for baby elaina. her mother is in jail charged with child endangerment. she said her daughter was hurt but didn't seek treatment for her. a search is on for levon wameling. he has been missing for two weeks and the father never
5:36 am
reported it. the family is begging for information. >> if you know anything or if he is alive or dead, call the police so i can put him to rest. >> the father told police he left the 9-month-old on the front porch after being locked out of the home. when he came back, the baby was gone. the mayor banned smoking and soda. he wants the (ráy that never sleeps to start composting food and turning to biofuel. it will be voluntary to start with. typical recycling plans are in place in dozens of cities nationwide. a new miss usa. miss connecticut beat out other women. she answered a question about upholding widespread collection of dna evidence. she'll represent the u.s. and
5:37 am
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queen elizabeth's husband, prince phillip has left the hospital. he's 92 years old. he walked out unaided. the end of the term fast approaching, the supreme court tries to make rulings on the most controversial cases. >> reporter: outrage on all sides and questions dividing the country for years. affirmative action. voting rights and ápsqkáq, marriage. what the court decides could keep the country split for years to come. >> these are critical decisions. it does effect the future of our social relations, workplace, 9ñ this is a central, jagged line in our politics. the supreme court is going to be pokint at them. >> reporter: legacies of the civil right movements, whether
5:42 am
colleges can use race to decide who gets admitted. discrimination at the polls. they think votes could be overturned. >> if the court upheld surprise. >> reporter: the irony is those leading, president obama and attorney general, eric holder. they are living proof of how much time has changed. same-sex marriage is no less important dealing with state and federal lauáy >> we have become not just more accepting, more loving as a people. hearts and minds change with time. laws do, too. >> conservative in the sense of liking to take baby steps. it seems unlikely they would make some big, radical move. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells cnn authorities were able
5:43 am
to hone in jz snowden after the leak. at that point, security officiaju began to figure out who had access to that type of document and what had been downloaded. they were too late. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> it's a new day here on cnn. the new broadcast begins in a few molts. chris cuomo and kate is here. >> we are excited we showed up on time. >> how does my tie look? i have big news, jay-z. we have a poll for you. cnn letting america know the president's numbers are taking a beating. is it because of the intelligence scandals? why is he losing so much with young people? his trut worthiness is low. we'll tell you why.
5:44 am
>> how americans feel about the nsa and leak. here is another one. vladimir putin and the super bowl ring. this is an interesting story. >> was it a gift? we are going to find out. day."s what's coming up on "new >> the intrigue. you have phil mickelson. we'll take you through what made the lefty wind up second for record time. second is very cool. >> i'll take second in the u.s. open. phil mickelson, always a bridesmaid, it appears. >> i'm a fan of the lefty. >> i love phil mickelson. it broke his heart at 43 years second is good, but six times -- >> it gets old, i guess. >> we could be more excited. "new day" is coming up in 16
5:45 am
minutes. make your last preparations. >> i'm working on my arm moves. >> do some push ups to get ready for the show. >> i'm assuming they had a good night sleep and had their wheaties. a houston mom ij considered a hero. she was leaving the drugstore when a robber popped out from the backseat of her van and he was holding a knife. he demanded money, told her to drive to an atm. she had other ideas, driving into a telephone pole instead. she punch him and kicked him out of her car. >> got out and he started running. the next thing i thought was, if he gets away, he could do this to somebody else. i turned and intended to clip him in the side to get him to stop. i ended up running over him. >> he's in the hospital and baker says don't call her a hero.
5:46 am
she was doing what she needed to to protect her kids. the heat unable to stop the spurs. san antonio smashing records to crush miami in game five of the nba finals. they are one victory away. can the spurs pull off the ultimate upset? barry manilow turns 70. >> speaking of old guys. oh, he's a fighter alright. since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage,
5:47 am
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sibling fight. that's a fact of life, right? how harmful can it be? apparently, very harmful. new research shows bullying among sibling can lead to depression, anxiety and anger. it doesn't matter if it's mild or severe. it can be just as bad for mental health to be bullied by a
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sibling as a classmate. look for interactions where it's one sibling who is consistently the victim. an uplifting story about the power of friendship. travis is battling a brain tumor. to show support, 15 of his elementary schoo& classmates shaved their heads so he would feel at home when he returned to school. >> without me knowing it, one of the boys got together with his mother and they planned a whole thing at this barber shop. >> 15 boys went into that barbershop. 15 men walked out. it was overwhelming. it was overwhelming. when i think about it, it brings tearin tearj to my eyes. >> that is lovely.
5:51 am
he has made this whole thing a lot easier. >> i love that. look at that. they are awesome. great job. after crushing the heat, the spurs are now one win away from winning their fifth nba title. andy joins us now with more on the bleacher report. when it looks like the heat were going to take control after winning in game four, the spurs changed things up with a blow up of their own. gregg popovich needed to get ginobili going so he put him in the starting lineup for the @&% first time in over a year. boy did it work. third quarter. the spurs went on a 19-1 run. green on fire once again. he smashed the record hitting six more scoring 24 points. 114-104 win.
5:52 am
the series goes back to miami for game six with san antonio one win agaye. the u.s. open was a heart breaker for phil mickelson. he had the lead. did an amazing shot on the tenth. he holes it in from the fairway. that is an eagle and had him he bogue gied three of the final six holes. he finished second for a record sixth time at the u.s. open. he struggled through the final round. rose shot even par. that was good enough to win his first major of his career. it's been quite the journey for him. after turning pro, he missed the first 21 cups. he finally got the monkey off the back with a win. >> it's a really nice thing to have that cleared off the plate now, fairly early. what the future holds, how to
5:53 am
re-evaluate my goals. dreams are paying off. drive in the head, the rays pitcher is out of the hospital. he was struck in the head by a line drive. look at that. $it him right in the head near his right ear. that was the fifth inning of saturday's game. he was taken out on a stretcher. he tweeted from the hospital he was okay. all tests normal. hees on the seven day concussion list. there's no timetable for his rqáurn. he tweeted from the hospital telling everybody he was okay. it's good news for him and the tampa bay rays. >> it's so nice he's doing well. he's a good kid. thank you. kardashians.up with the a new one arrived. how is mom doing?
5:54 am
>> baby tweeting already. s is b, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well managed. no routine blood monitoring means bob can spend his extra time however he likes. new zealand! xarelto® is just one pill a day, taken with the evening meal. and with no dietary restrictions,
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celebrity power couple, kim kardashian and kanye west are now proud parents. so far, the couple known for oversharing has not confirmed their daughter's name or the baby was born. khloe confirmed the baby is fine. grandma tweeted happy father's day to kanye. >> how do you say gaga in 140
5:58 am
characters? we are going to kick off this week. >> what do you have coming up? >> finally, you can stop talking about your show and do your show. thank goodness. >> we have big news. we have a new poll talking about president obama's number. a historic hit. he took to trustworthiness. why and what can he do about it? >> this morning on "new day" we are going to ask a top house republican what he knew before the news came out on the nsa surveillance leaks. plus, this one. i know berman is a sports fan. super bowl ring smackdown. the president of russia accused of stealing a diamond encrusted ring from the new england patriots. one says it's a gift, the other not so much. a little bit of basic
5:59 am
patriots intrigue. what does it mean about the franchise? we are going to get into that very deeply. >> we'll take tom brady, they can have the ring. itis never a good idea to mess with a guy with nuclear weapons. >> see you soon. thanks for having us on. it is close to the top of the hour, which means it is time for the top news. ♪ this morning, presidential plunge. an exclusive cnn poll has president obama's approval ratings taking a nose dive. why do more americans find him untrustworthy than ever before? the world leaders arrive in the united kingdom as news breaks the last time they met there their phones and e-mails were hacked. always a bridesmaid. a heart breaking loss for


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